At this year’s Flux Congress in New York, Teague presented some cool functional connectivity findings from his work with Dr. Jessica Cohen: Localizing differences in functional integration in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Teague enjoyed attending and giving a talk at the International Meeting of the Psychometric Society (IMPS), this year in Santiago, Chile. His talk discussed: The impact of endogenity on network psychometric models.


Now released! A new R package for network analysis. Netjack is a open source R package for implementing the network statistic jackknife and related methods. Although this package is primarily geared towards neuroimaging applications, netjack is an easy to use, highly extendable framework suitable for rapid analysis of any relevant large dataset of networks. Check it out at: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/netjack/index.html


Teague joined Dr. Jessica Cohen's cognitive neuroscience lab at UNC as a postdoctoral student! He will work with Dr. Cohen to develop new methods for connectivity and network methods in neuroimaging.

Introducing Dr. Teague Henry. Teague has now graduated from UNC's Department of Psychology and Neuroscience with a Ph.D. in Psychology (Quantitative Area) and also a M.Sc. from UNC's Department of Statistics and Operations Research. 


Teague won Best Student Presentation at the 2016 International Conference on Advances in Interdisciplinary Statistics and Combinatorics! His talk was titled: Text Networks for Political Blogs. 

Teague won Best Student Paper at the 2016 International Conference on SBP-BRIMS (Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling, & Prediction and Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation)! His paper was with Drs. Gesell & Ip on Social Position Predicting Physical Activity Level in Youth: An Application of Hidden Markov Modeling on Network Statistics. You can see a picture here

Teague successfully defended his dissertation proposal. His dissertation will be on Non-Destructive Motion Correction for High Value Functional Neuroimaging Data using Regime Switching Volatility Models. 


Teague was accepted into UNC's Statistics Masters program! His thesis will be under Drs. Steve Marron and Patricia Sullivan on "Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling of Citizen Support for US Conflicts". Teague's masters degree track has a dual component of training in both statistical theory and applied statistical consultancy.

Teague successfully defended his Masters in Quantitive Psychology! His thesis was on modeling heterogeneous peer assortment effects using finite mixture exponential random graph models.  


Teague received a three-year long National Science Foundation Graduate Student Fellowship! This fellowship supports Teague's research to develop methods for analyzing heterogeneity within network data.

Teague joined Dr. Katie Gates' lab in the Quantitative Psychology program at UNC, to work under her mentorship to develop novel quantitative methods for analyzing network data.


Teague began collaborating with Dr. Edward Ip at Wake Forest Medical Center as a biostatistician. 


Goodbye, Seattle. Teague moved across country from Seattle to Chapel Hill, NC to begin his PhD in the L.L. Thurstone Psychometic Laboratory in the Quantitative Psychology Program at UNC!

Teague graduated from University of Washington-Seattle with a B.S. in Psychology and minors in Mathematics and Philosophy. He completed his senior honors thesis under the mentorship of Dr. Kevin King in the Psychology Department.