Dr. Teague Henry is currently a postdoctoral research associate in Dr. Jessica Cohen's cognitive neuroscience lab at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH). In Dr. Cohen's lab, Teague focuses on graph theoretic methods for neuroimaging data and is also receiving training in cognitive and developmental neuroscience, especially as pertains to disorders like ADHD.

He graduated with his PhD in UNC's Quantitative Psychology program in May 2017 and also received a M.Sc. in Statistics from UNC's Department of Statistics and Operations Research.

The UNC Quantitative Psychology program focuses on developing novel statistical methodology in behavioral and social sciences (e.g., causal inference, latent variable modeling, item response theory, and neuroimaging methodology). In his second year, Dr. Henry was awarded the NSF Graduate Student Research Fellowship to develop novel methodology for analyzing heterogeneous networks, where every node does not necessarily follow the same data generating process. This project required use of finite mixture modeling as well as pseudolikelihood methods for approximating intractable likelihoods. 

Under his PhD advisor, Dr. Kathleen Gates, Teague worked on several projects to develop and improve statistical methods within a neuroimaging context. His dissertation developed a novel statistical method for performing motion correction in fMRI. Teague also collaborates closely with Dr. Edward Ip of the Biostatistics Core of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Dr. David Banks at Duke University in the Department of Statistical Science.

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