clpipe is a open source Python package for quickly processing MRI data on high performance clusters. Integrating gold standard processing software such as fmriprep and dtiprep, clpipe makes it simple for users to process data using a command line interface. Check it out at the Github!



netjack is a open source R package for implementing the network statistic jackknife and related methods. Primarily geared towards neuroimaging applications, netjack is an easy to use, highly extendable framework suitable for rapid analysis of large sets of networks. Check it out at: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/netjack/index.html



gimme is an open source R package developed by the Gates Lab for analyzing functional neuroimaging data using model search and structural equation modeling. In collaboration with Gates Lab, I recently added confirmatory subgrouping capabilities. Check it out at: http://gimme.web.unc.edu/